Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Kids Are All Right - Me Included

People who claim to know me actually don't. So-called friends who say they are close to me usually are not. They are just individuals who thrive on controversy and prefer to believe the worst in me. They like having something maliciously juicy to talk about, and I have realized that I can be a very easy target for that. These are people who think they are experts on my life, my feelings, and my principles, the same way Einstein is an expert on the theory of relativity. Uhm, yeah, right. It really is amusing to note how much these people think they are an authority on the subject of Me and how I should think, act and feel.

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Fine. I may wear my heart on my sleeve. I may be transparent, but I want to tell these people: You don't know everything. I'm not here to plead my case, to get these people on my side. There's no winning with these types, anyway, so I have never bothered. I do not bother and I probably never will.

If you have hurt me or if you have assumed the worst in me, it's okay. If you gossip about me or if you think I'm awful, it's fine. If you have treated me badly or if you have been avoiding me because I am too complex for you, it's no biggie. Really. I have no ill will nor any bad feelings towards anyone. I'm just happy because I have realized that sometimes, you just have to accept the apology you never got.

It's as simple as that.

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