Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Needing It Most

We got into an accident last Monday. On our way to pick our little girl up from school, a huge truck scraped the left side of our car. The impact wasn't strong but I was terrified that I let out a looong shrilly shriek. Because of it, the past two days have been an exhausting blur of traffic enforcers, police reports, investigations, insurance policies, claims and going to work on less than four hours of sleep. I'm just thankful that, when the mishap happened, our little princess wasn't with us and we were unhurt. This is the Husband's first - and hopefully, last - road accident; and he's been driving for at least fifteen years! The company that owned the truck also agreed to take care of everything since, according to CITOM's reports and investigation, their truck driver was clearly at fault. At least, we don't have to cough up any moolah to get Scarlett - our red Honda Civic - back in tiptop shape. We're still lucky.

Hey you, I'm glad we're safe.

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