Saturday, October 6, 2012

Random Memories Deux

- When The Husband and I were still dating, he made me listen to a song titled I Need to Know. It's by Goldfinger and he told me the words in the song were words he wanted to tell me. I loved the catchy beat and the words were spot on. It made me go awww. The song will always make me smile.

- My sister who is seven years younger than I am grew up to be more intelligent than I am, more successful than I was when I was her age, and okay, okay, prettier than me. I am very proud of her and I think she's the best auntie my little princess could have. She grew up to be such a funny and smart and eloquent woman that no one will ever guess she mispronounced a lot of words when she was a toddler. She would say 'kyumpoter' for computer and 'titick fan' for electric fan. She was hilarious. And I hope she wouldn't kill me for writing about this here.

- My mom has a really bad sense of direction. Even if she's been to a place a million times, she still gets lost. She also gets dizzy a lot. That's why, while growing up, I remember that she only went grocery shopping in the Rustan's beside my high school. It's not there anymore, because they've transferred, but there used to be one beside STC on Gen. Maxilom Avenue. She was very familiar with that Rustan's Supermarket layout and she liked the friendly staff. When she finished her grocery shopping, she'd take me to eat snacks at Yum Yum Tree or we'd get mais con hielos.

- I first got glasses when I was nine. My teachers noticed me squinting at the board all the time so they told my mom when she came to get my report card. The weekend after that, she took me to an optometrist who prescribed glasses. I've worn glasses until high school. When I was in college, I started wearing contacts. I alternated glasses and contacts in college. This is the case until now. I'm thinking of getting LASIK.

- The first music I bought with my own money and savings is the Aladdin soundtrack. I bought the cassette in Robinson's. I played it all the time on my Sony Walkman - a gift from my dad for Christmas when I was in third grade.

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