Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby's Day Out

I ran into a frazzled mom in Watsons yesterday. This poor mom had her baby girl strapped in a sling close to her chest and was running around the store like a headless chicken, looking for wet wipes. Her baby had just pooped in her diaper and she couldn't clean her up and get her changed because she didn't have wet wipes. I felt sorry for her.

When my daughter was a baby, I never went anywhere with her without wet wipes. Even up to now, wet wipes are essential components in the mommy arsenal. I've put together a list of things one should bring when they're going on a day trip with baby.

1. a diaper bag

Invest in a good one. I was lucky someone gifted me with a good, sturdy one in a neutral design and color. I didn't want anything super cutesy or babyish. After all, it may be for the baby but the parent carries it. It has to look uhm, dignified. In our case, it was my husband who toted it around. I never even let him carry my own bag so why did I want to subject him to lugging around something that looked too childish? The one below is a good example and is from Baby Couture.

photo from

2. diapers

My mom advised me to bring a diaper for every hour we're out, plus two. When my daughter was an infant, we used Pampers and when she was a toddler, we used Huggies Pull-ups. At home, we used cloth diapers from Chino Pino. My daughter was potty-trained at exactly two and a half years old. There have been a lot of improvements and innovations when it comes to diapers over the past few years so do your research on what's good for your baby, your sanity and the environment. 

3. extra clothes

We liked onesies, pajamas and dresses with bloomers. Our daughter's clothes when she was a baby were from Baby Guess, Baby Gap, Children's Place, and Carters. We chose cotton clothes. We wanted light and very breathable clothes for her so she doesn't get fussy.

photo from

our little girl in a Guess shirt, Guess khakis and Pitter Pat sandals

wearing a white Guess long sleeved shirt with matching Guess ruffled skirt on her second birthday dinner

wearing a pink Guess shirt and a Zara headband

wearing a blue Gingersnaps mermaid print top, khaki Baby Gap shorts and a Zara headband

wearing a pambahay sando, blue board shorts and her first Havaianas

wearing a Carters shirt and a headband from Rustan's

4. burp cloths and bibs

These come in handy for spills and spit-ups. Well, we all know what bibs are for, and I used burp cloths - the big ones - for nursing in public. They can be used as a blankie, too.

5. baby carrier/sling/wrap

We used this for quite some time but we resorted to carrying her in our arms sans any contraption some time after. Then, we used a stroller. Do what you think is best for you and your little one.

photo from

6. a stroller/buggy

Choose something that's easy to transport and one that meets the safety requirements. The one below is from Bugaboo.

photo from

7. wet wipes and tissues

We love Johnson's Messy Times Wipes for Hand and Face. They're alcohol-free and they smell good. They're very handy too.

photo from

8. diaper mat/changing pad

You'll need this to place baby on when you change her diapers. You don't want to place your child directly onto a changing table without anything underneath.

photo from

photo from

9. hand sanitizer

Never disinfect baby's hands with alcohol. Use a gentle hand sanitizing gel, instead. 

10. formula and bottles with clean water

Breast milk is BEST for babies but if your child is on formula milk, then clearly, you have to pack some together with her bottles. My little girl used Avent bottles until she was four. Then we switched to Pigeon for a year before she was weaned. We also used Wilkins and Viva water. We also used a milk dispenser from Pigeon to store her formula in when we went out.

11. Entertainment

We always bring a few playthings - some teething toys, a plush book or a stuffed animal. We just make sure they have no small parts that can come off. They put everything in their mouths, y'know! Our daughter never used a pacifier. She spat them out, for some weird reason. She preferred toys that made sounds over pacifiers.

I hope that that panic-stricken mom in Watsons gets to read this blog. Excursions with your little ones become such a joy when you're prepared.

Play date soon?

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