Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Love Affair In Pictures

Can you love and miss a place so much it hurts? Can you be so connected to it that you feel intimately happy and content every time you are there? That's how I feel about the University of the Philippines-Diliman, my college alma mater and one of my ultimate happy places.

the Oblation statue which faces University Avenue
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Palma Hall or the College of Arts and Science

We call it AS, so those steps are the AS Steps and that's where my friends and I hang out late in the afternoon after our classes. It's a place to meet up, to take class photos at and it's a place where we wait for our boyfriends to pick us up. Ha!
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apartment buildings on-campus at Hardin ng Rosas, 
where I lived during my freshman and sophomore years
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This is SC - the Shopping Center. We went there to eat sisig at Rodic's, photocopy stuff, buy school supplies, and do some grocery shopping.
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the Sunken Garden where soccer games, concerts, and other events are held
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Gonzalez Hall is the university's main library. There are smaller libraries in the different colleges in their respective buildings but this here holds the mother load.
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the College of Arts and Letters old building - where we rehearsed our plays and performances
This building also houses the offices of the faculty so it's sometimes called the FC for Faculty Center. It's also called Bulwagang Rizal. Our college's graduation was held on its grounds.
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the gym or officially, the College of Human Kinetics
I remember asking an upperclassman how to get to the gym during my first week in college and his reply was "Sumakay ka ng Ikot at pag may nakita kang building na parang kulungan na manok, yun na yun." (Take the Ikot jeepney and once you spot a building that looks like something that houses chickens, then that's it) Haha!
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the Beach House canteen - home of the best barbecue in all of Manila
I would like to take the Husband there sometime. The lines are always long but always worth it.
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the beautiful tree-line Acad Oval
I heard there's a bike lane now and it's closed to motor vehicles during weekends so people can jog and bike and walk. One of my closest college friends, Mimi, who was a mountaineer, jogged the entire oval several times a day when we were in college. It was part of their daily training. I couldn't even jog half of it.
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the UP Film Institute
This place is memorable because we sponsored film screenings here to raise funds for our organization. It was also called the Film Center and they showed movies here for a fraction of how much you would pay at a cinema. The catch? You'd have to wait for several weeks or even months to catch the film you want.
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the faraway math building
I hated this place because I hated the subject with a passion. I didn't really mind that it was far. There was always the Toki
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the Bahay ng Alumni - it's an event space for job fairs, concerts, art exhibits and even weddings
It's home to quaint shops, art galleries, and the famous Chocolate Kiss Cafe where we celebrated one of my best friends, Kmae's, 17th birthday. I will never forget that day.
I was already able to take the Husband to the famed cafe and he loved it!
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the Palma Hall lobby
We sat on the floors too, yes. This is where student activists converge when they're staging a rally.
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Let's go back to my questions. Can you love and miss a place so much it hurts? Can you be so connected to it that you feel intimately happy and content every time you are there?

with two of my best friends in college, Maize and Kmae during our graduation


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