Sunday, October 7, 2012

Make Believe

My good friends and I love to play pretend. We may not be kids anymore but playing pretend and just being silly and being spontaneous never grow old. This photo was taken three years ago as we were leaving a beach party. My friend, Arvy, just suddenly said, "Kissy, let's pretend to be celebrities trying to leave The Ivy discreetly." She then turned to our friend, Graeco, and instructed, "You can be the paparazzi'", handing him my old Olympus point-and-shoot. He obediently snapped away, and this is one picture he took. I giggled when I saw this again.

Good times, lemme tell ya. Good times. It's true. Life is indeed too short to take it seriously all the time. Have a good Sunday, y'all. Stay goofy.

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