Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sinulog 2013

I'm gonna be honest. We're not big on Sinulog. The Husband also isn't, just like my family. My mom, though, gets into the whole nine days of novena before the feast day of the Holy Child (Sto. Niño), and is pretty devout in her faith, in general. I've been living in Cebu all my life, and I've only seen the Sinulog fluvial procession once. I remember only seeing bits and pieces of it because it was crowded, and I was a six-year-old perched on my dad's shoulders. I've also been to the actual street procession/parade less than five times in all my life, and to add to that, three years ago, I almost got hit and run over by a jeepney that had lost its brakes. (Remind me to tell you that story next time, okay?)

I don't hate Sinulog. I know I don't because I still get pretty excited about it every year. When you're Cebuano, I think there's that feeling of pride and pleasure that goes with having your city play host to something so deeply traditional and beautifully cultural. Let's admit it: Sinulog is a religious, cultural, social and touristy mix tape. Millions flock to my city for this event. Most are devotees and pilgrims. The rest are tourists, celebrities, travelers, photographers, artists, journalists, or just curious cats. The streets of my beloved city are so full, and the atmosphere is joyously carefree and religiously frantic.

Sinulog 2006

I even took the little girl to Sinulog five years ago.

So what makes me skip joining in the Sinulog festivities 90% of the time? Well, for one, I get claustrophic when the mardi gras throngs become this thick. That means, people step on your feet, you get shoved and squeezed, you can get lost and yes, you will get dirty. I also feel that we, Cebuanos, should come up with ways to make our annual celebration more environment-friendly. Honestly, can you imagine the massive garbage problem our city faces in the wake of the Sinulog? Lastly, the Sinulog should be a collaborative effort to make things better for everyone involved. This means, cab drivers not taking advantage of people, police providing better security and such. The Sinulog is a beautiful feast and the way we celebrate it should reflect that.

Pit Senyor, everyone!

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