Saturday, January 12, 2013

First Day of School

People always comment positively about my daughter's social skills. I haven't experienced tantrums and crying fits in public. Even at home with just us - the little girl, her dad and me - she doesn't act up and turn into The Problem Child. My friends are in awe of how well-behaved, friendly and sociable she is. I attribute this greatly to how much she loves school and how often she finds ways to creatively learn from the environment she's in, no matter what it is. (When we're out and she's about to get bored, she asks, "Mama, can I go explore?" I always say yes and let her, while reminding her to stay where I can see her.)

Kaelana started play group at age three. I let her attend during the summer. She went to the Woodridge School. Then she went to Maria Montessori International School when she was four for nursery school. I did a lot of research beforehand and requested to observe classes before enrolling her there. You know how some schools claim to be montessoris but really aren't. As a teacher myself, I had to make sure the teaching methods, materials and the learning setting remained faithful to "the montessori way." I was happy with what I found out and observed so The Husband and I enrolled her there.

My little girl stayed in MMIS for a year then I transferred her to my alma mater (and my sister's, and 80% of my girl friends'), St. Theresa's College. She is thriving and flourishing and we couldn't be happier. She was five and in kindergarten when she started in STC. Now she is seven and in first grade. She is a consistent honor student, and now president of her class. Time flies by so fast, indeed.

When she started school in MMIS, I had a lump in my throat. I was emotional. I felt like I had just given birth to her yesterday and yet, there I was, sending my baby to school.

up early!

Happy and excited, and yes, Yakult is good for pre-schoolers!
That's The Husband by the door.

pink Gingersnaps dress, fuchsia cat hair ties, Dora floral flats and Winx lunch kit

four and in nursery school!

in the car

outside the school with a headless me

She actually cried but it lasted for a good five minutes because a teacher's aide came 
and smiled at her and led her to a seat.

paparazzi shot of her coloring

I wonder how it'll be like when she'll start high school. Ulp.

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