Friday, January 11, 2013

Random Memories Cinq

- My childhood friend, Jaycel, bakes and cooks well. I love her pasta and cookies. Snack time at her house, which is three houses away from mine, is always good. We hung out at her house during lazy weekend afternoons, eating, drinking iced tea, talking and giggling. Ah, high school summers.

- I never learned to ride a bike. I think it might be because my parents never bought me my own. I practiced on my older brother, Jhzryl's blue one - a hand-me-down, because my parents bought him a yellow BMX when he was in sixth grade. I never felt the accountability to learn to ride something not technically and originally mine. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

- I got my first 'love letter' in sixth grade. It was a Christmas card with hearts, and yes or no tick boxes to the earth-shattering question: Do you like me?
I didn't answer it. Wuss.

- I was a consistent honor student in grade school. I graduated salutatorian in elementary school. I was on the school newspaper and was a spelling bee champion. High school? None. Nothing. No achievements, whatsoever, except getting into the University of the Philippines-Diliman for college.

- I wanted to be Miss Universe growing up. No joke.

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