Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Day in Play Group

I actually missed this precious milestone because I had to work. I felt bad at first, but The Husband was able to document it pretty well, so it's all good. We had signed up the little girl for summer play school in Woodridge School at two and a half years old.

getting ready!

Look at her lashes!

OOTD: set top and skirt from Gingersnaps and Snoopy sandals


going to school


early bird and she chose a seat in front

name tag

her class

her seat mates

raising her hand

exercising their hands for coloring

school tour: going to the library

holding up their art work

putting her things away

throwing her trash

lining up for a song

She was the youngest and smallest!


Yay! Good job!

Snack time! And yes, Yakult is a staple in our home.

my love

a star on her first day!

my happy beauty

daddy's little miss

Ah, awesome memories.

This post is brought to you by the fact that Kaelana is on the honor roll for the third grading quarter. I just got her report card last Saturday. 

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