Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holidays in the Tropics

First of all, happy new year, folks! 2012 was tough for me, for the most part, what with my frail health, my bouts of self-doubt and with the ties I've had to sever completely and permanently. I survived it with the love and support of my family, mainly The Husband, and my true friends. I prayed so hard in 2012. I prayed that I will do what's right. I'm not being holier than thou because I'm not faultless. However, I knew I had to listen to what my heart and mind were telling me - to not compromise my values, to never take advantage of others, no matter what. I made hard decisions last year but they proved to be the right ones because I can sleep well at night with a peaceful conscience and the knowledge that my daughter will be proud of me for doing what I did. I am still and will always be grateful for the things I've experienced and gone through last year. Of course, I patiently waited for the holidays because I knew that they would be the perfect way to cap off such a fulfilling year.

My family's fun December holiday getaway was six kinds of wonderful. We spent part of it in my parents' hometown, Iloilo, and in beautiful, breathtaking Boracay. I'll let the photos do some of the talking.

the little girl at Plazuela de Iloilo, which is beside SM City Iloilo
where we bought her shades for use in Boracay and some pasalubong

hoarded goodies from an Iloilo food institution, Biscocho Haus
This is their SM City Iloilo kiosk.

Speaking of food, here's The Husband and I about to eat a dish that's synonymous to Iloilo.
And that's...

This was at Deco's Lapaz Batchoy.

Then, it was time to go to Boracay. The whole clan wasn't complete but the turnout was pretty good this year. This is our second time to hold our reunion in Boracay. Caticlan, in Aklan, the jump-off point for Boracay, is a six-hour drive from Iloilo. Our family hired a coaster and a van to get there.

That's me and The Husband with my brother, my sister-in-law, my sister and our cousin, 
in the coaster, before the rest of the family came on.

Typhoon Quinta sadly ravaged some parts of Panay Island days before we left so we had to take a less familiar course to Caticlan. It proved to be the more scenic route. I mean, look at that!

somewhere in Antique, where we stopped for lunch

Finally, we arrived in paradise. It was my second time there with The Husband and the little girl's third.

a sight for sore eyes

The sun was so bright, the water so clear and comfortably warm, and the breeze was cool. We were blessed with awesome weather the whole three days and two nights we were there.

some of our family - The Husband and I not included - in beautiful Boracay
Spot Kaelana in her pink bathing suit with Disney Princesses on it!
photo taken by my cousin, Erik

Beachcomber Boracay laid out a feast for our reunion dinner the first night we were there.

Of course, lechon was present. And these...

And this:

There were card games, catching up, dessert that I wasn't able to take photos of, and laughter and smiles that we WERE able to take pictures of.

me with my cousins and aunt

me with my sister and our cousins

Then The Husband whisked me away for a romantic stroll down the beach. I love our quiet, introspective conversations together. I married the most awesome man ever. 

The scenery ran the gamut from frenzied and cheery ...

fire dancers

Christmas carolers in tropical colors

to serene and quiet.

intimate dinners in soft lights

me walking barefoot on the sand

The Husband was mesmerized by the crafts made by local artists. We wanted some stuff for our home but couldn't decide which ones to get. We ended up not buying any. That way, there's reason for us to go back.

Meanwhile, I admired the accessories. 

The next day, we swam, 

we played in the sand with Kaelana, 

went on a jetski ride,

photo by my cousin, Erik

shopped for souvenirs, explored, had massages, and ate some more. The Husband, my cousins and I also went on a banana boat ride.

photos by my cousin, Erik

Then we had this crazy idea to go on a Flyfish ride...

Here's me, my sister, The Husband, and our cousin nervously giggling.

which does this...

This wasn't us. This was my brother and our cousins.
photo by my cousin, Erik

You get it, I hope. CRAZYYYYY, I tell you. In-effin'-sane in a I-will-never-do-that-again way.

It resulted to this:

My left wrist got injured. It's black and blue right now, but thankfully, not broken nor sprained. Uhm, I think. I haven't gone to a doctor yet, but I will tomorrow, I promise. Heh.

photo by my cousin, Erik

Anyhoo, we survived! It was a truly unforgettable and fun vacay. One that we truly needed.

Happy New Year from us! It's back to work tomorrow but it's all good, because I'll be dreaming of this.

2013, I'm ready for you.

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  1. Flyfish looks fun and all, but the risk is just too much that I don't think I'll ever try. Glad you enjoyed your stay with the family in Boracay.