Monday, November 19, 2012

This is not how I want to start my week

Bouts of asthma. Tremors due to nebulizations. I had to take a much needed sick leave. I'm working on a very important project right now and I need all the focus I can get. I was pretty much knocked out the whole  morning. I just got up to pick the little girl up from school with The Husband. He bought us milk teas to make ourselves feel better. I actually contemplated going to the emergency room but I have to listen to my body and just rest.

Thankfully, I had a weekend chock-full of family time. Saturday was spent sleeping in then taking the little one to the story-telling session sponsored by Adarna House at Parkmall. We didn't catch it because we were an hour late but the little one didn't mind because Adarna House participated in her school's book fair. She and her classmates were able to listen to a story there. She did catch the face painting, glitter tattooing and coloring sessions so she had a blast. Plus, my college friend, Ergoe, who works for Adarna House, sent her a package full of Adarna House goodies - books, markers! Thank you, tita Ergoe! We had lunch at the mall then we went home to watch DVDs and I cooked my family dinner. I must say, I'm getting pretty good at preparing them homemade meals.

Sunday. Well, I made them breakfast and we told stories and lounged around. In the afternoon, well, I'll let the photos do some of the talking.

We went to mass at the National Shrine of Saint Joseph. The Husband then took this photo because the church was so packed, we had to stand outside. Doesn't he have a good eye? 

Then we went to SM to scout for Christmas presents for our godchildren. We also wanted to have a look at their Christmas tree. Every year, they put up massive ones and they're always a sight to behold. This year's tree didn't disappoint. Look at that!

Of course, the little girl loved it! On a side note, she's wearing the same dress from last weekend. I'm letting her wear her dresses that I know she'll outgrow very soon. She's getting so tall!

We then spent some time ogling the Christmas Village of Hope for Kythe. Everything looked Christmas-y! Look! Look! Look!

Dinner followed and it was at family favorite Simply J's. The Husband had baby back ribs, I had cream dory with salsa and the little girl had seafood pasta. Banoffee was for dessert.

And here's me sans makeup but with my greatest pride and joy - the little person who makes my days - weekends or not - COMPLETE and HAPPIEST.

Here's to more rejuvenating weekends from my loves to yours!

How was YOUR weekend?

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