Friday, November 9, 2012

Sometimes Peace Is A Battle

God knows that when I stand for something, I stand strong. My values and principles have always been very formidable and unwavering. Therefore,

it is not okay to kick me around to coddle your frail ego.

it is not okay to use me as a means to your selfish, ungrateful end.

it is not okay for you to take out your unhappiness on me.

it is not okay spread false and malicious rumors about me.

Lastly, it is not okay to pretend you were not cruel to me. Because you totally were.

I believe in peace. I believe in turning the other cheek. We're human, after all. People make mistakes. But you didn't make a mistake. It wasn't a slip. It wasn't just a one-time error in judgment. Your viciousness was consistent and it was so blatant and deliberate that it made me refuse to be your 'friend' anymore. There was nothing to save, nothing to repair.

I walked away and didn't look back because I simply didn't, don't and won't want any and all associations with you. Well, that's my way of keeping the peace. Refusing toxic, unhealthful, and negative people and situations is a skill I've learned. And mastered.

There is no virtue in war, but I also do not want to sanctify being a pushover and a doormat. There are just some things I cannot let slide.

If you always take the middle ground and if you always remain neutral, then you are condoning bad behavior. The world doesn't need that. I don't need that. That's why I had to rock the boat.

You should try growing a backbone too. Malicious and cruel people like you were/are also treated that way by someone else - a parent, a friend, a lover. The cycle has to stop.

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