Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baby Products I Swear By

I spent yesterday SMSing two friends - one was a bride-to-be, and another was a first-time mom. The former was asking me how to word her invites and the latter was asking me what to do for diaper rash. I'm no expert on both subjects even if yes, I've been a bride twice (can I say that on the grounds that I got married twice? To the same man, mind you, because we had a civil wedding ceremony in 2005 and Catholic wedding rites in 2009) AND I'm a mom. Well, I realized I just like helping out my friends. My mom-friend then texted, "Thanks for the help. Know what, you should write a blog entry on this." Well, I did, and here it is.

Here are some baby products which helped save my sanity when I was mom to my newborn (and I was twenty-two and didn't really know much):

1. Desitin 

We didn't let our little girl wear disposable diapers too much when she was just at home. We let her wear the washable cloth ones from Chino Pino. Still, she developed diaper rash. Hers was the mild kind, thankfully, and her pedia said that it's because baby's skin is super sensitive so it's pretty common. A neighbor gave us a tube of Desitin and the diaper rash healed and cleared up in no time. It's mild and soothing, and I've been recommending it to my friends ever since.

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Our little one developed red bumps on her cheeks. My mom bought her a big pump bottle of Cetaphil. It's so mild and gentle, and so effective that the red bumps went away without any trace. We used this for her body too. Kaelana continued to use this until she was about five. Now, we've switched to Nivea Tenderly Soothing Soap and J&J Baby Soap.

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We used this for Kaelana's hair when she was a baby. Her hair was, and still is, thick and healthy. We used this until she was five. Now she uses those ones with Disney Princesses on them.

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Babies don't really need lotion but I used this to give Kaelana a baby massage. I found baby oils to be a bit too greasy for her but this worked wonders.

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Kaelana went on her very first airplane ride at five months old and we didn't want to bring a separate body wash and a shampoo. This saved the day. We use this up to today when we travel.

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When a baby Kaelana got sick - those teething periods will make you cry, too - with a fever or a stuffy nose, this came to the rescue. We gave her sponge baths using this. It greatly helped.

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We used this for going out and for going to the beach. Now because, the little princess is seven we use the regular variety - still SPF 50 but not the tear free formula anymore. She wears sunscreen everyday.

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There you have it. Go and give your babies some lovin'!

* Please consult your pediatrician before using these products with your little ones. It's good to listen to other people's advice but one must first trust her instincts and most importantly, the advice of experts.

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