Saturday, November 24, 2012


I live in the Philippines where we don't celebrate this American holiday. However, I work in an American business process outsourcing company so we're very familiar with it. I also trained American English communication and culture for eight years in the same company (I was a trainer before I moved to my current post as instructional designer) so yeah, I'm very aware of it, if I may say so. Heh.

Thanksgiving is about being grateful, and being with family and friends. There are so many things I am thankful for. I thank God for:

♥ The little girl

She is my inspiration, my greatest love, my all. I am thankful that she is a consistent honor student ever since she started school, that she has many friends, that her teachers adore her, that she is being a little girl - concerned about her bike, her toys and One Direction.

She has an ear infection right now (otitis media) and is feverish but we hope and pray her prescribed antibiotics zap the nasties away. Get well soon, love.

♥ The Husband

Despite being a grumpy old man sometimes, he really comes through for me, for us. When he does something, he always does it with me and his daughter in mind. Like, he'll buy grapes out of the blue because he knows we love them. Or he'll go for a resto of our choosing, no matter what. He makes sure the car's in tiptop shape, the shower's working perfectly and we're safe and secure. He sees to it that that his family is comfortable, well-fed, and happy.

♥ My parents and my family

They are the most doting, sweet and generous grandparents a little girl can ask for. They take Kaelana to Timezone, paint with her, and tell her stories. They're not JUST grandparents who spoil their granddaughter with gifts and material things, but they really spend TIME with her, stay up late when she's sick and go to all her school activities. My mom brings Kaelana to her prayer meetings, to grocery shopping and to her office. My dad gives Kaelana piggyback rides, draws with her and calls her just to say he loves her.
My siblings and my nephew, Lucas - Kaelana's absolute best friend in the whole universe - love her dearly and we are just extremely blessed. 
My aunts and uncles, my grandparents and my awesome cousins just really make me feel to be so lucky to have been born into a family who supports each other and who values togetherness. Why do you think we have yearly reunions in December? Did I mention that this year it'll be in Boracay? Also, it'll be our second Boracay reunion. Ye-hesss.

ze parental units

my family minus my antisocial brother, Francis, and with my cousin, Joan

with a third of my cousins at last year's reunion at our grandparents' ancestral home in Iloilo;
photo by my cousin, Erik

♥ a job that I love

I loved training with all my heart but I felt the need to try something new because I believe in always broadening your horizons and upgrading your skills. Ultimately, I want to be in Talent Development, and I've always been very vocal about that. For now, Instructional Design is my happy place and I'm learning a lot.

♥ true friends

I don't need to elaborate because they know who they are, and I am thankful to have them. 

Can you believe Jaycel and I have been friends since we were toddlers? She was four and I was five, and we didn't even know what 'friends' meant at that time. I guess you can say we're practically sisters.

the Triangle of Trust un

the Triangle of Trust deux

spot us three with The Husband and our other good friends

my secret-keeper/personal make-up artist/go-to gal pal, Alveel

I love my friends!

♥ Lastly, I am grateful for the goodness in people, for dreams that inspire, for the blessings we constantly receive and for the gift of life.

Happy Thanksgiving, world!

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