Sunday, November 18, 2012

Random Memories Quatre

- I rode on airplanes alone - well, with my brother - as a child. My dad was an OFW and there were no direct flights from outside the Philippines to Cebu then so it was custom for us to meet him in Manila when he would come home. There were times my mom would fly ahead to Manila because she didn't want my brother, Jhzryl and I to miss school. She'd book us a different flight and we would fly to Manila - just my brother and me - without any adult. We would fly Philippine Airlines and because we were unaccompanied minors, we got special treatment. We wore badges pinned to our shirts that said, "I am a PAL junior jet setter!" My brother was twelve and I was seven. We sat in front and the flight attendants gave me coloring books and crayons and stuffed animals. They gave my brother gum. Ha. One time, we were allowed to go and see the pilots in the plane's cockpit. My mom and dad would then meet us at the Manila airport.

- When my sister, Lynnth, was five years old, she got lost in Robinson's. I was the one tasked to watch her and she had wandered away while I was looking at cassette tapes. I was terrified my mom would get mad at me over what an irresponsible older sister I was. I was more terrified of the fact that my sister might have gone to a dressing room where the floor opened up to make her fall into a pit where she was eaten by Robinson's giant snake. We later found her sitting under a mannequin, unharmed and oblivious to the scare she put us through.

- I never learned to ride a bike. I tried to learn, but I just couldn't do it. I'm just not wired to do it.

- I had Ninja Turtles shoes when I was ten. They were leather and looked like oxfords. They were black and had neon green laces. I loved them.

- I wore retainers in high school. My mom had to have them replaced twice because I would lose them. How? I took them off before eating somewhere not at home and placed them in tissue. I'd forget about them and of course, the waiter would come and throw them away.

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