Friday, May 11, 2012


I just got a big scare today. My daughter's nanny (yaya) called me at work and then I heard screaming in the background. My daughter was crying with tortured anguish and calling for me. My throat became tight and the yaya told me what was wrong. She said my daughter was having a headache. No one with just a headache screams like that. I asked to speak to my six-year-old immediately, and in between hysterics, she told me her head felt like it was spinning. I asked if she hit her head or if she fell. She said no. I asked when it started and she said it just did, while eating lunch.

I just grabbed my bag and left. Good thing I wasn't training a class and I was pretty much done with what I had to do for the day. I hailed a cab and told the driver to hurry. I dialed my daughter's mobile phone (yes, she has one because we don't have a land line) and told her, "Okay, let's talk while the cab mama's in takes me there, okay? Stay on the line." I soothed her and told her to not cry. I told her to describe to me the pain in her head. I couldn't understand what she was saying because she was still crying so I had her go to her room and turn the AC on. I then asked to talk to the yaya and I gave her instructions to give my daughter paracetamol.

Our house is a good 30-45 minutes away from my office and I was on the phone for almost half the time. When I got home, I found my daughter asleep, albeit a little pale. I took her temperature and waited for her to wake up. It was 230 pm. The husband was at band practice because they have a gig tomorrow night. I read a few pages of my book and minutes later, I conked out too.

We were both up by 5 pm. I gently asked her if her head still hurt. She said yes. I asked her what she'd had for breakfast and lunch. She said she had pancakes for breakfast and she had fried fish for lunch. She also said she drank her milk and a Yakult. When her dad arrived at 6 pm, we had dinner together, and she didn't have an appetite. I knew things were not 100 % okay.

Then she said her tummy felt bad and she wanted to throw up. Well, she did and then she broke out in cold sweat. She didn't cry, though. She just looked relieved. I cleaned her up, she brushed her teeth. I gave her paracetamol again for the headache and Gatorade for the fluids she lost. She said she felt so much better.

Grrr... It must've been the heat, I swear. It's been sweltering lately. I get headaches and dizzy spells myself and I'm 29. Well, I guess the worst is over because I had just tucked her into bed with her dad beside her. She whispered, "My head doesn't hurt anymore, mama. Thank you. But because I miss you when you're at the office, my heart hurts."

My little one can be a drama queen sometimes. I wish I were a stay-at-home mom, but I think I'm too young to quit the dynamic, competitive, crazy corporate scene. Maybe in the future, I can stay home full-time and still keep our lifestyle, but that's another blog entry altogether.

Happy Friday!

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