Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mom's Pearls

I've long succumbed to the fact that I don't look good in pearls. Plus, some of my superstitious Chinese friends have always told me pearls should never be worn during weddings. Pearls, they say, represent tears, and since weddings should be happy occasions, they're a no-no. My mom wears pearls, and she doesn't believe in those superstitions. She has a beautiful Mikimoto pearl strand. My dad gave it to her.

Weeks ago, I gave most of my jewelry to my mom for 'cleaning'. Like bags and shoes, they have to be regularly maintained, and their upkeep makes them last longer and look more beautiful. I've always liked jewelry. We're not wealthy but my maternal grandmother buys and sells jewelry. She has a good eye and I think my mom inherited that. I think that's how I got interested in them, as well.

My very first piece was a gold necklace with an anchor chain. I still remember it. I remember choosing it because my dad worked, for many, many years, as an OFW seafarer. I felt that it symbolized him so that's why I really liked it. I don't know where it is now, though. I must have lost it but I had it when I was my daughter's age.

Like I said, I never really cared for pearls that much. I thought only much older women wore them. I prefer yellow gold pieces. I like white gold and rose gold jewelry too. I like stones, too. Diamonds are very pretty. Even if they're small, they're breathtaking. I love diamond solitaire stud earrings. Those are to-die-for. I wish to someday, be able to afford them. I also had emerald earrings before from my grandmother because they're my birthstone. They were very pretty. I think my favorite pieces right now are my rings. I wear three, most of the time. I have two wedding rings: a white gold band from my civil wedding seven years ago and my eternity ring from my church wedding in 2009. I also wear my engagement ring. I wear it between my two wedding rings.

That's Russell, my friends' dog, by the way, and my left hand where I wear my rings.

The eternity ring is the husband's favorite piece on me. It's delicate and very pretty. My mom has a yellow gold omega necklace that I love to borrow. I get nervous when I wear it because I might lose it and my mom would never let me hear the end of it, I'm sure.

That's me with the husband and I'm wearing the omega necklace and my silver nameplate necklace. 
And yes, go ahead, I say mix your metals!

I think jewelry is a very girly thing. It's part and parcel of being female. Oh, this entry is about the pearls from my mom. Here they are. Would you wear them?

awful photo taken by my phone

I wore them to my grade school reunion and got some compliments. I think I'll wear them more often now.

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