Friday, May 18, 2012


I turned 30 yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I thought. There wasn't any fanfare nor any pricey gifts involved, but I felt very happy. Most importantly, I felt at peace.

I guess I just beat myself up too much sometimes.  I chose this lifestyle - that of a wife and mom with a corporate career. Add homeowner and soon-to-be student (again, because I'm going back to school to take up Diploma in Teaching SpEd) to the list, and I've got myself a very full plate. I'm the kind of person who really takes accountability for my choices so I also have to take what comes with all of those roles that I have to fill.

At work, I am required to be driven and I feel that I should always be in pursuit of excellence so clearly, it can get pretty stressful. Unfortunately, this spills over to other aspects of my life. There's nothing wrong with aiming for perfection and striving for being the best but, to keep my sanity, I have to take a step back and breathe. I aim to do this not just in my profession and the work that I do, but most especially in my personal life.

As a wife, I will be loving and supportive. I will continue to be the heart of this home.
As a mom, I will be there for my daughter, even if I am tired. I will drop everything in a heartbeat for her, because she is my all.
In my career, I will continue to learn. I will be humble and I will help. I will do things excellently because my gifts are meant to be used.
As a daughter, sister and friend, I will be a source of positivity and fun.

I will laugh. I will laugh long and hard. I will not take things too seriously.
I will reflect. I will think. I will continue to explore my self and my potential. I will pray.
I will continue to be grateful. I will not take people for granted.
I will take risks, I will care. I will give a damn, because my daughter deserves to live and grow in a world that will make her flourish.
I will read more. I will sing, even if I sing off-key. I will write. I will travel more. I will learn.
I will make more money. I will grow it. I will invest.
I will make mistakes, but I will try again. I will be humble enough to ask for help.
Lastly, I will love. I will love fiercely and I will forgive.

Happy birthday to me!

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