Monday, September 17, 2012

Smoke and Mirrors

You realize you have no control over how you're perceived. 
- Chuck Palahniuk

I am thirty years old, and if I knew then what I know now, I could have spared myself a lot of unnecessary worrying. In my teens, I worried endlessly about what others thought of me. I'd toss and turn at night thinking about this friend who suddenly stopped talking to me, or this classmate who always said hi to me in the hallways but happened not to that day when I was clearly in her line of sight. I felt bad when close friends shared secrets and I'd be the last to know. I also felt excluded because I was one of those who didn't get that much coveted invitation to someone's slumber party.

How petty.

I've realized, as I've uhm, matured, that you can't please everybody. You cannot even try. 

When I had my daughter, I evolved into someone who thought less and less about what 'everyone else' thinks and placed more importance, instead, on making myself happy and making those who truly mattered to me happy. As a result, I am happy with where I am emotionally, at this point in my life. My thirties are off to an awesome start.

photo taken by The Husband last week during lunch at Siam Thai Cuisine

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