Monday, September 24, 2012

Random Memories Un

The Husband finds my memory amazing. I remember things so vividly and people tell me that's why I'm a really good storyteller. Here are some random stuff I just happened to recall today.

- We used to hang out at my friends' house in high school. We found out that their home phone number used to be a paper producing company's number. While hanging out, the phone would ring and the caller would, of course, ask, "Is this Star Paper?" There would be a lot of calls like this. We would then take turns telling these callers that no, this is NOT Star Paper.

- I got my ears pierced twice. The first attempt was unsuccessful. My uncle who is a pediatrician, pierced my ears the first time when I was six years old. I cried so hard. This happened in Iloilo during Christmas vacation. I came back to Cebu after and I was okay for a while. Then I got into an accident on the playground and for some strange reason, got my newly pierced ears infected. My mom had to take out the hypoallergenic stud earrings to treat the infection and let the wound heal. The piercings closed as a result because I didn't allow my mom to put the studs back. I got my ears pierced again in high school in Rustan's where my mom bought me new earrings.

- My older brother's high school senior class took a trip to Bohol after graduation. He was gone for a week. When he came back, he was so dark from being out in the sun so much, that I almost didn't recognize him.

- I collected Barbie dolls growing up. They're in storage now. I have to look for them in my parents' house. I had more than 30 dolls. I had Gymnast Barbie, Baywatch Barbie, and Superstar Barbie among others.

- My first phone was a Nokia 5110. I was 16 and off to college. I still remember my first mobile phone number but I will not write it here because yeah, it still works. I tried dialing it from my phone, and it rang. After that, I received an SMS that asked, "Who's this?" Ooops.

I'll post more Random Memories soon.

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