Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's These Little Things

Bedtime stories with my little princess.
Singing to 90s alternative rock songs in the car with the Husband.
DVD nights.
Karaoke nights with the gang.
Chunky peanut butter sandwiches with Chuckie.
Going to the beach.
Sunday drives.
My brothers and my sister.
Travels and adventures.
Random text messages from Maize.
My seven-year-old's letters and notes to me.
Crisp, fresh sheets.
My handful of true and loyal friends.
The UP Diliman campus.
My shoe, book and bikini collection.
A good gig.
A great book.
Having the time to read.
An awesome film.
My little one's hands. And feet. And cheeks. ♥
The Husband singing in my ear.
My mom and dad - the best parents a girl can ask for.
A breathtaking piece of jewelry.
Cheap but adorable trinkets.
Conversations with Belle, Hazel, Rosey, Graeco, Alveel and Arvy.
Leisurely walks.
Losing weight.
The Husband's hugs. My little girl's kisses.
Rainy nights.
Windy days with just enough sunshine.
Gelato. Oh, I said that already.
Wit and humor.
The ability to admit you're human. That you get hurt, too.
The capacity to see beyond the drama and pettiness.
The strength to stand by your ground and speak your mind when you feel you have been wronged.
The wisdom to choose your battles and to let go when it has becomes pointless.
The humility to accept that you have been hurtful and out of the line.
The courage to move on and just do better.

How about you?

What makes you smile?
                                    What keeps you inspired?
                                                                           What are you thankful for?

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