Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lucky. Blessed.

Some women gripe that they married good husbands but not good fathers. Others lament that they married good fathers but not good husbands. I truly got lucky in both departments. The Husband is a doting, loving and affectionate father to our little one. He is also a thoughtful, sweet and strong partner to me.

My parents provided me a good life. We were not, by any means, rich nor did I live a luxurious life. There were - there still are - times our finances were/are shaky, but we did own our modest home, my siblings and I went to good schools, and we ate good food. We grew up with house help, went on family vacations here and abroad, and we enjoyed things like hotel stays, fun birthday parties, chances to pursue special interests and nice dinners at posh restaurants.

My parents sacrificed a lot to provide for us. I see that sometimes, they are hard on themselves when we go through a financial pinch. I want to tell them that we are going to be okay, that we ARE okay, so long as we stick together. One great concern my mom had when I was about to get married was if The Husband could provide for me. Money does not make a good marriage but I guess we've ALL seen perfectly good relationships crumble because of the lack of it. My mom didn't want me going down that road. Plus, as the woman who gave birth to me, she knew how stubborn I was. Maybe she was scared that, if The Husband and I would struggle financially and have marital woes because of it, I wouldn't leave (and yes, being a bad provider is grounds for leaving a marriage). My mom is a devout Christian - a Catholic, at that - but when I got pregnant, she was very vocal about not wanting me to get married. She didn't want me to get married just because I was pregnant. She told The Husband's parents this. She told The Husband, "We can take care of Krst'll and her baby. That is no problem. You are not obligated to marry her." Yup, that's my mom for you. 

The Husband still asked for my hand in marriage, though, and in just seven years of being together, we have a home of our own, a fully paid car, we had a beautifully dreamy wedding we paid for with our own savings, our daughter goes to a good school... All in all, we live a pretty good life. 

I hope we are being good providers for our little girl. I pray that we are being good parents to her. I love that we have each other. I am very happy and content. I am grateful.

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  1. hi kiss!

    i really look up to you and cy... (and i hope you won't mind if mcloy and i still consider you as friends) i hope you continue to get the best, as you deserve the best. :)

    onna sends her regards to kaya.. please say hello to cy for us. :)

    tc and God bless! ;)