Sunday, September 9, 2012

Loyalty, Required

Recent events in my life got me thinking about friends and friendships. I have realized that loyalty is an underrated quality in friendships. My friends have to be loyal. I need friends who are loyal. I don't mean the I-will-stand-by-you-whether-you're-right-or-wrong kind of steadfastness, but the I-will-be-there-to-listen-to-you-and-will-be-honest-with-you-and-will-not-judge-you-but-will-believe-in-the-best-of-you kind of allegiance.

Loyal friends are not pushovers. They're not doormats. I don't need that. I don't need friends who are blind to personal culpability. On the contrary, my truly loyal friends call me out in times when I need it, and they seek for the truth from me without talking about me maliciously behind my back. They are the friends who simply listen.

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I am not as cynical as our friend, Kurt Cobain, above, but I certainly am already jaded. Can you blame me? Nevertheless, I am still grateful that I have true and loyal friends. There's not a lot of them. Yes, that's the truth, but I have come to the conclusion that quality always trumps quantity.

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