Tuesday, September 18, 2012

College Daze

Someone once asked me what period in my life I would go back to and relive, if given the chance. I didn't even blink when I replied, "College."

Ah, those four amazing years of transitioning from an adolescent to a young adult, of experiencing independence, and best of all, of having that inexplicable feeling that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE - those years were the best for me. What I loved most about my life when I was in college was the fact that I really felt the world was at my feet. I was hopeful, and exuberant and I had so much zest for life. Believe me, I still do, but when I was in college, I really felt the idealism coursing through my veins.

hanging out with classmates before classes started

my college block - Block B6

photo op for the College of Arts and Letters Week

sponsoring a film showing at the UP Film Institute

Radio Lab days

Org parties

college graduation with two of my best-est friends

My college years were spent cramming studying, going to parties, cutting class to eat halo-halo (oh yeaaah, we were pretty risque), drinking, going on road trips, watching movies, sitting on the AS Steps, attending org meetings, reading poetry out loud in the Sunken Garden, eating sisig at Rodic's at the Shopping Center, learning our lines for the plays we staged, being homesick, writing and editing scripts, okay, okay, fine, cramming, going to the mall, shopping, watching plays, going to the library, riding the Ikot and Toki jeepneys, sleeping over at our friends', going on drives, and stalking our campus crushes.

I had big dreams and an even bigger heart. I loved recklessly and laughed wholeheartedly. I was fearless and fierce. I was impulsive but not belligerent. I hoped for the future but I lived in the moment. 

We had a blast. I had a blast. Thank goodness I have an awesome memory. I can relive the best years of my teenage life whenever I want to.

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