Monday, July 16, 2012

Seven Soon

The weekend that was was awesome. We managed to get a lot done, caught up on sleep and spent time with our almost-seven-year-old. We planned three low-key shindigs for our one and only. Her birthday is on August 3rd which is a Friday, and her carpool stops by Jollibee at the NRA every Friday. The kids buy ice cream, fries, Coke floats and peach mango pies before going home. It's their little tradition, so the Husband and I decided we will spring for whatever the kids want to get. I'm sure the little one will get a kick out of it.

On August 4th, a Saturday, we're throwing her a Disney Princesses-themed McDonald's - yes, fast food again! - party at J Center. We're inviting her schoolmates in STC and our friends' kids. I like how I won't have to get anyone to host the thing and I don't have to get the balloons and party favors myself.

On August 5th, we're having lunch with the family and her godparents. They say seventh birthdays should be extra special so I'm hoping her weekend-long celebration will make her super happy. We are so blessed to have someone so adorable, affectionate, intelligent and beautiful in our lives.

Her first birthday party at Dessert Factory (a cake and ice cream party!)

Her second birthday party at McDonald's JY SQuare

Her third birthday party at Jollibee Mabolo

Her fourth birthday at my folks'

Her fifth birthday party at Calda Pizza (it was a pizza party!)

Her sixth birthday party at our new home

I can't wait for her birthday weekend. Seven is a very exciting age. I will soon have a seven-year-old! Who'd've thunk?

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