Saturday, March 9, 2013

Random Memories Sept

- My older brother, Jhzryl, went to high school at Don Bosco. To my then seven-year-old self, it was an  overwhelmingly massive campus filled with boys who played sports and instruments, boys who served at Catholic Masses where loud, rock-ish music was played live, boys who created projects made from wood and electrical stuff, boys who were good at art and boys who called each other by their last names. We attended all of my brother's school events, and I remember playing at their playground wearing my "My brother is a Bosconian" shirt.

- My nanny used to make bubble solution from scratch. It had detergent, water and hibiscus extract. The bubbles it made were huge and didn't pop easily, unlike the store bought bubble solutions. Did anyone used to do this too? Can you tell me the measurements?

- The Husband and I found out we were pregnant on Valentine's Day. I kid you not. It turned out I had been pregnant since November.

- On the first day of college in UP Diliman, I had an entire entourage with me: my mom, her sister and her husband and their cousin who was a professor there. I am not ashamed to admit it. My family is just really supportive and the university campus was intimidatingly huge. We were given maps to navigate our way around. Funny story: My mom's brother-in-law, my Tito Biyo, was helping me find my classrooms. One subject's venue read TBA. We thought it was a real place. Good thing, my uncle was able to find out it meant 'To Be Announced' from a helpful upperclassman. My aunt, the professor, said that if it were I - the obvious freshman - who had asked, some upperclassmen would intentionally give misleading and incorrect answers like "It means, Teodoro Benigno Aquino hall. Just ride the Ikot and you won't miss it." Of course, no such hall exists which would equate to the hapless freshman riding the damn jeepney in circles. Shudder.

- We had sewing projects for Home Economics class in high school. I got low marks for an apron I made because the pockets I sewed on were askew. Oh well. I tried.

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