Saturday, March 9, 2013


There is a flood of introspection that comes with tending to a sick child. My little girl was febrile last Saturday night. The bouts were sporadic. And while I wasn't really THAT wrought with worry - because she didn't lose her appetite nor all of her energy - , my heart was heavy like lead while giving her her sponge baths. I monitored her temperature, gave her her medication, read to her... All these things I did while wishing it was me who was sick instead of her.

Thankfully, she is absolutely in the pink of health right now, and it seemed that all she needed was a dose of Mama TLC. Oh, her dad was there, too. The Husband is as doting on her, if not more so. Kaelana is an only child. We can't help but fawn and fuss over her ALL THE TIME.

We shut out the world when Kaelana is sick. We always make it an opportunity to pull together and regroup. We make sure that our attention is focused and not diverted. We zero in on getting her good health back. Our little family of three withdraws into our cocoon to nurse her back to a bouncing ball of energy.

Thankfully, the extra dose of affection worked. She is now back to her bright-eyed, bushy-tailed self. And I can't be any more grateful.

Here are some photos of her that I found. She was a few weeks shy of turning a year old. Enjoy your Saturday!

little teeth

pretty eyes

tickled pink






Have a happy weekend, friends!

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