Saturday, December 22, 2012

Second Christmas Party for 2012

Our company has roughly 6000 employees. There is always a huge Christmas shindig at every year's end, and everyone looks forward to it. The themes vary each year and the after parties are always epic. The Husband and I - yes, we are colleagues - attended this year's party primarily for the raffle prizes. They always give out amazing prizes. Think trips, a ton of gadgets and an assortment of appliances.

This year's event fell on a Sunday, and coincidentally, the little girl had her third quarterly exams the next day. We couldn't stay out late, and we were honestly very tired. The last work weeks of the year are chock full of brain-drying year-end reports, rigorous final appraisals and whatnot. Well, to cut the long story short, I didn't get to win anything when they raffled off the prizes, but the night was fun, nevertheless.

That's me, second from left, with some of my friends

Our view of the stage

We had local celebrities, Iya and Luis, as hosts

A portion of the program when they showed the kids our company has helped through our adopted communities and outreach projects ♥

There was a sing-off, some Christmas caroling, a local dj who spun for the party and just a chance to be thankful that we belong to a company that makes us feel appreciated. 

It's almost Christmas!

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