Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First Christmas Party for 2012

Exactly 14 days before Christmas! Are you excited? I am!

I love how there are social functions to attend left and right during the holiday season. I'm normally aloof and I prefer to be alone, but there's just something about the festive December days that makes me actually enjoy socializing.

Last Saturday, December 8th, we had a department Christmas party held at the City Sports Club. It was fun. My right elbow is still bandaged but, I swear, it didn't hurt so I was okay. I just didn't join the games.

That's me sticking my tongue out. As you can see, I lost some weight from being sick and from being confined in the hospital for five days. Those are some of my good friends from work.

There are five trainers in the photo above, two instructional designers and a quality analyst. Who's who?

all photos from Graeco - who suddenly has a camera

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