Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Half A Birthday

I believe in creating family traditions. I believe in celebrating milestones. I believe in being grateful.

When my little girl was six months old, we threw her a half a birthday party. It was just a small gathering of family members and a few friends. We had ice cream, spaghetti and cake. What's a birthday without cake? If we decide to have another little one, I'll throw him/her a half a birthday party, too!

That's my mom and a six-month-old Kaelana in a green polka dotted ruffle dress with matching lace socks. Almost-a-year-old cousin, Matt, was fascinated by Kaelana's gold charm bracelet.

My mom is obviously a stage grandmom. We were singing Kaelana a happy birthday here with Matt and his mom looking on. Note the zero candle. Heh.

Here's the half a birthday girl! Isn't she a cutie? Those chubby cheeks and long lashes are too adorable.

The after party

Here's my mom and dad doting over their two grandchildren. They got a kick over the little girl's half a birthday too.

What quirky traditions does your family follow?

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