Saturday, May 11, 2013

Little Girl

My princess stays at my parents' for most of the week. We recently lost her nanny - the one she had since November because she chose to work in a garment factory. We were able to secure a new one - this one much older and more experienced with taking care of children - but we still chose to have her spend most of her time at her grandparents'. After all, her bestest friend, her cousin and my nephew, Matt, is also at my parents' and her joy knows no bounds when they play together. They play tag, fly kites, make art and basically just make a colossal, happy mess at the house of their grandparents who spoil them silly.

In November, this little girl will be an only child no more. She will be a big sister. You know what they say about having children - about how your heart is walking around in another person's body? Well, there will be two little people carrying my heart soon.

13 weeks pregnant

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