Tuesday, May 14, 2013


If we are friends on Facebook, then you must have come across two status messages I've posted about how people who I used to be friends with acted in ways I couldn't wrap my pretty little head around. Truth be told, I haven't been giving them much thought until they did those things they did because, like what I've mentioned, I've un-friended them in real life and on the internets as my way of leaving those relationships behind. For good. It just seems that they didn't get the memo.

With the upcoming baby and with more pressing matters to think about - like why Nancy Binay is almost officially a senator with the way the midterm election results are going -, I really just want to bask in nothing but good vibes.

Oh, and milk tea.

I just have four theories about these strange occurrences and I came up with these with the help of some of our mutual friends and the status message replies I've gotten on Facebook.

a. The events that led to the end of our friendship - mine and theirs - have nothing to do with The Husband. Meaning, their friendship - theirs and Cyrus' - is completely separate from ours. Therefore, yes, one of them thought it was perfectly okay to send him a message through Facebook about 'this awesome surf movie' that she just watched and that he must download himself. I should mention that The Husband has also clearly un-friended her and was totally bewildered why she messaged him out of the blue.

And yes, another one of them then thought it was absolutely fine to to greet him with an air kiss on the cheek when she bumped into him in the office pantry. She then went on to congratulate him on our pregnancy and was all chit-chatty, as if she didn't do anything wrong to me, when the proverbial crap hit the fan last year.

I must also mention that when everyone was still friends, they became my husband's friends through me. It's not like they were friends first and then I came along. No, it wasn't like that.

b. Their being friendly to him, my husband, an extension of me, is their way of making amends. To me.

Wow, even while typing that, I knew it sounded preposterous. Fine, it's a possibility, but even then, they should just forget it because when I leave friendships, I leave them for good. That's how I live without hang-ups and regrets. They should try it sometime.

c. Maybe they think they really did nothing to contribute to the ugly but inevitable demise of our friendship. Maybe they really think they are innocent.

Wow. Just wow.

Uhm, no. I could not have imagined everything, right? The way I was ostracized? The way she plotted and schemed against me? The way they'd say one thing and do another. No, I'm sorry but I'm not buying any of that. It's as real as a three-dollar bill.

d. They just want to spite me.


Anyway, whatever. I just want to say I graduated from playing mind games and girly drama charades way back in high school. They should too.

Nuff said.

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