Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Fancy Nancy Taught Me

My daughter discovered Fancy Nancy early last year while browsing the shelves of one of our favorite bookstores, Fullybooked. She loved the illustrations and the fact that the lead character, Nancy Clancy, liked all things fancy. Nancy's goal in life is to live it in the most colorful and resplendent way possible. I love her, too. The girl is overflowing with joie de vivre. And yes, she loves all things French and is a bona fide xenophile. Also, as a communication trainer, I love how the Fancy Nancy series helps my little one expand her vocabulary because now, she likes to use fancy words like exquisite and glamorous.

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My seven-year-old already has around ten Fancy Nancy books. The husband and I never say no when she asks us to buy her one. She also asked for Fancy Nancy books for her birthday and her aunt, my sister, and her godmothers were more than happy to comply to add to her collection.

I also have fun reading them. The stories are very endearing and here are five things I've learned from Fancy Nancy:

1. that one must always - ALWAYS - dress up
Life is too short to be drab.

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2. that one must always be interested and curious
Our curly-haired heroine loves to read, loves to ask questions and one of her favorite things to do is to go exploring.

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3. that there's always a reason to celebrate - to throw a party or just to have tea

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4. that friends are awesome
Nancy' best friends are her pet dog, Frenchy, Bree and Mrs. Devine, her fancy neighbor

Nancy and Bree
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5. that family, no matter, how different they are from each other, will always be family
Nancy always laments how difficult it is to be the only fancy one in her family. She thinks her parents and her sister, Jojo, are too plain. Despite this, she loves them fiercely and loves spending time with them.

Nancy and Jojo
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Nancy really makes me smile. Reading about her escapades with my daughter is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. I've been feeling a bit lackluster as of late. I didn't know that all I needed was a dose of fancy. So here's to living life with a little more zest and exuberance, although I may have to leave the feather boa and tiara behind at home!

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