Monday, August 6, 2012

Birthday Weekend

My daughter's birthday is on August 3rd. I had filed for a leave from work to spend it with her. I did so way in advance because I make sure to never miss it - whether it falls on a work week or not. I was training a class that started on July 23rd. With my Manila manager's permission, I held classes on July 28th so I may graduate my two-week long training on August 2nd. She readily agreed. The Husband was also allowed to go on leave from work. Everything was going as planned but on Wednesday night, my daughter started coughing and sniffling. There was a cold and the flu going around. Naturally, I was scared she would get super sick on her birthday so I made her stay home on Thursday. I went to work on that day because, like I've mentioned, it was my class' graduation day. However, I had to leave early because I got word that she was refusing to rest and take her medicine. The weather was being uncooperative, so I knew I had to keep a close eye on her and not just delegate her care to her nanny, lest her health suffer. By Friday, the morning of her birthday, she was okay and was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, so to speak. Things were good to go.

The Husband and I had planned on throwing her three mini celebrations all throughout the weekend to mark her seventh birthday. Friday was for her carpool-mates. She went to school in the morning while her dad and I bought several boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts after lunch. We brought them to school when classes were over and she shared them with her friends from the carpool. She's the youngest one in the carpool and she gets treated as the baby of the group. The girls had so much fun and they enjoyed the sweet treats.

making the rounds and giving out KKs

sweet toothed-girls

Look at the birthday girl in her little Krispy Kreme paper hat! One of her carpool-mates whipped out her Instax Mini and the husband took a photo of all of them with it. After that, she gave the picture to the birthday girl as a present. How sweet!

Saturday was for her classmates and friends. We threw her a Disney Princesses-themed McDonald's party at J Center. She wore a pink tiered dress from her grandparents - my mom and dad -, white stockings, and pink glitter maryjanes. It was a fun party. It would've been perfect if the staff were more organized and better prepared. They weren't and I made sure to write my comments down on the survey form they gave me after the party. I don't want to dwell on the misses because our guests made the party a surefire hit. The cake was Fancy Nancy-themed, care of The Cupcake Theory. Everyone had a blast.

birthday girl with birthday cake

us three

Sunday was for family and some of the birthday girl's godparents. We had lunch at Siam Thai Cuisine. The restaurant is a family favorite. The food is always superb and the service is great. 

happy because she got a Fullybooked gift card for a present

We are family.

That pretty much wrapped up our not-so-little-one's birthday celebrations. Look at her making double peace signs above with a goofy grin on her face. We're happy we made her very happy for her seventh birthday.

Her dad and I wish her good health, and a long, happy, fulfilling life. Happy birthday, babycakes. ♥ We love you!

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