Monday, August 13, 2012

Life Aquatic

Bikinis are one of those things I don't just buy. I used to buy random ones from just anywhere. I didn't really set standards and I wasn't very discriminating. I used to purchase swim wear outright when a.) the prints are cute or b.) the prints are cute.

I didn't care if it fit right, if it was durable, if it provided support, the whole nine yards. If it was cute and I fit in it albeit awkwardly, I'd snap it up. I'd figured I could make do. However, the constant adjusting and tugging became too much. I then made the decision to invest in good swim wear. 

My friends know how much I love the beach. My friend, Arvy, once told me that I'm one of those people who, when they go to the beach, they really lap it up. True, I don't just put on a suit, pose by the water, and snap photos. I swim, I snorkel, I run up and down the shore, I jump off boats. In short, I don't go there to look cute. My bikinis have to be able to keep up with me.

Friends, meet half of my swim wear collection.

I cannot resist a good bikini. Most of mine are from Billabong and Roxy. I've ones from Wahine, Exhilaration, O'Neill, Rip Curl and Aztec Rose. I have local stuff too - ones I've bought from Nothing But Water and Sassa. The latter has good one-pieces. I want to buy from Stoked but nothing from them has caught my fancy yet. I would love to buy one of their rash guards, though. 

When it comes to style, I favor straightforward low-rise bikinis with triangle tops. There was one summer (was it last year's?) when cut-out maillots were all the rage, but I think I would like to tan evenly, thankyouverymuch. I also found them intimidating to put on, what with all the straps and bands. The summer of 2012 saw the rise in popularity of high-waist bikinis - clearly, an ode to sixties fashion. I found them cute. On other people. 

Some girls like more coverage so they wear bikini bottoms which are styled as boy shorts. I seldom get self-conscious at the beach - even if my figure is less than perfect, but when I do get a little shy (this happens when I'm surrounded by early twenty-somethings with long, lithe, slender frames --- UGH), then I wear board shorts over my bikini bottoms. 

I have awesome memories of my trips to the beach. My bikinis have been with me all the way.

Malapascua Island in Billabong

Alcoy in Roxy

Tambuli Beach on Mactan Island in Billabong with my little one

Sumilon Island in Billabong again

Radisson Blu pool in Billabong with my equally aquatic husband and daughter

Clearly, my bikinis and I have a special bond. I even wear them under my clothes when I run out of proper underwear. I want to buy a tube/strapless black one-piece soon. I plan to wear it with a floral maxi skirt and thong sandals. I'll let you know how that goes. 

In the meantime, happy Monday, world!

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