Thursday, June 7, 2012


It's back to school time once again, and my little one is in the first grade. Her transition from summer's I-can-get-up-any-time-I-want-and-sleep-as-late-as-I-can to We-need-to-be-in-school-before-the-bell-rings-at-7:15-am was pretty painless. I expected a bit lot of whining and some dramatic waterworks, but I constantly forget I have an emotionally intelligent six-year-old.

I made sure to take two leaves off from work for her first two days of school to get her settled into some semblance of a routine. I think that worked. The husband was only able to take one leave (he never misses our daughter's first day of school and she's been going to school since she was three), but that's all right because I take the lead in taking care of things like these.

When I was her age, I never gave my mom a hard time on the first day of school. I truly enjoyed going to school and the first few weeks were always exciting for me. I loved my new school things, my new uniforms and I looked forward to seeing my friends.

I remember the only time I hated school was when I was down to my last semester in UP Diliman. I was preparing to defend my thesis and I had dropped to a horrifying 95 lbs. I was terribly stressed and barely eating. Plus, my family flew in weeks early to see me graduate that I was actually scared I'd botch things up, fail and NOT get a diploma. That didn't happen but running on empty makes one extremely paranoid and borderline crazy.

I hope my little girl continues to love school as much as she does now. May her thirst for knowledge never wane. May it grow and may it always give her a sense of awe and wonder. May she cherish the experience of learning anything and everything, in and out of the classroom.

taken by the husband using his Android phone

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