Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dream On

I like big dreams. I like BFHGs (big, fat, hairy goals). I like lofty ideals, wild aspirations. Most of all, I like making them come true. What good are dreams when they remain just ideas swimming lazily around in our heads? I'm happy to realize that I've made some of mine come true.

I dreamed of going away to college and attending the country's premier university. That came true. I spent four amazing years at the University of the Philippines in Diliman and obtained my undergraduate diploma there.

I dreamed of marrying someone funny and artistic and kind and thoughtful. That came true. We've been married for seven years now. We're polar opposites, some say, but we get along sans flak jackets and there's been no need for restraining orders so far. We're going strong.

I dreamed of becoming a mom in my twenties. Well, that came true very early, for I gave birth when I was 22. She's turning seven this year. She is my number one priority, my little bundle of all things great and awesome, my most precious gift. She is my heart.

I dreamed of a dynamic career in the corporate scene - a career that allowed me to teach and work in communication. That came true, as well, for I'm a senior corporate communication trainer for a global company. I deal with coaching, analysis of training data, and curriculum development. Plus, I wear four-inch heels to work, and I love that part the most. (When will I wear them on a daily basis? When I'm 40? Riiiight. I say wear 'em as often as possible, while you still can!)

I dreamed of a comfortable home for my family to live in. That came true, too. We are proud homeowners of a modest but pretty house (with a fully-paid car parked in our garage), borne out of our own hard work and perseverance. I've said this before and I will say it again. I absolutely love coming home to our own space.

What's next for me? What dream do I pursue next?

I want to share this excerpt that I wrote down in my journal. It's about dreams. I found it very enlightening and insightful. I don't usually take advice from self-help books, but when I read this, I decided it made perfect sense. Dreams shouldn't remain castles in the air, and for them to come true, one must take very deliberately realistic and pragmatically calculated steps and measures.

"Dreams are, by nature, not practical. Practical has to do with what is; dreams have to do with what could be, but isn’t yet. Yet bridging these two worlds, the actual and the desirable, is the practical dreamer’s challenge. 

The practical dreamer is both the architect and the builder, creating what could be from the reality of what is. So the practical dreamer must walk between two worlds, with one foot in the world of imagination, hopes, wishes, dreams, and possibilities and the other firmly planted in the world of physical reality with all its limitations of time, money, space, form, material and the needs of other people." - from The Practical Dreamer's Handbook by Paul and Sarah Edwards

With this in mind, I am dreaming more dreams and couldn't be more hopeful and excited for what the future brings.

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