Monday, June 18, 2012


When The Husband was still The Boyfriend, he constantly told me that one of the, erhm, countless things he loves about me is that I smell good. I wish I could say I just naturally sweat jasmine, freesia and heliotrope, but no, my smell comes from a bottle.

My favorite scent of all time is YSL's Baby Doll. I started using this when I was eighteen. I was initially attracted to its pink liquid and spinning top-styled bottle (it doesn't stand upright which looks gorgeous on a dresser) with the gold top, but the smell got me hooked. It's so sweet and charming but grown-up. I just fell in love with it. I still use it up to now. I am on my nth bottle. I've used so many that I've honestly lost count. I don't know of anyone else who uses this. Aaand the husband loves this. He tells me that, when we were still dating, he loved how the smell of it lingered on his bed and pillows long after I've left.

I use it for going out to dinner with the girls or a date with the husband. It still works its magic. I will never tire of it.

When I was in high school, I used Gap Heaven. It was that, or the Angel's Breath line. Remember those?

For a time in college and into my early twenties, I also used Ralph Lauren's Ralph. After college graduation, I guess I believed I was a prepster at heart. I certainly dressed the part. I favored polo shirts, skinny khaki pants, button-down cardigans and v-necked light knit jackets. The husband can attest to this. I had just started in the corporate work force, hence I dressed like I was going to a job interview, and, being fresh out of college, I had a lot of Bayo, Kamiseta and Kashieca in my closet. I literally had no choice. Ralph has a very preppy scent, that's for sure. Very clean and crisp.

Currently, I sometimes use Lacoste's Touch of Pink. It smells fresh and uncomplicated, but a little sporty. It doesn't stay as long as I'd like, though.

A few years ago, when my mom went to Singapore to visit her best friend, she came back with my birthday gift. She was looking for YSL's Baby Doll at the Duty Free store, but she was told they ran out of it. The sales person apparently told her that YSL had a newer offering. She came home with YSL's Young, Sexy, Lovely for me. I was pleasantly surprised. Very.

Unlike other girls, I thankfully didn't go down the Elizabeth-Arden-Green-Tea-or-Clinique-Happy route, but I did succumb to Davidoff Cool Water Woman. Why? Well, it promises to make you smell like the ocean. How can any self-respecting beach bum, me included, resist that? It's an old scent, though. It reminds me of the beach. And the 90s.

There are some more scents I'd like to add my collection. I'll think about the following and see if Rustan's has them. They are Marc Jacobs' Daisy in the Air and Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy.

How about you? What's your favorite scent? Do share, because the nose really knows.

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