Friday, February 22, 2013

Random Memories Six

- My friends and I used to spend so much time crafting creative requests to send to MTV Asia. We were in high school so MTV Asia back then was ruled by VJ royalties like Mike Kasem, Nadya Hutagalung, and Sonia Couling. We made elaborate collages and papier mache thingamajigs and wrote in requests for the latest Spice Girls/Janet Jackson/Backstreet Boys video. We wanted that MTV shirt so bad! We never got to see our requests read and shown on TV, though. I wonder why. But it's okay. It's all good.

- Believe it or not, when I was five years old, I had the brilliant idea of putting a small stone up my nostril. Yep, a stone. Uh-huh, up my nostril. Of course, I tried to take it out, but trying to do so only pushed it farther up my nasal cavity. I didn't say anything to my mom or my nanny but they noticed I had trouble breathing.  "DID YOU PUT A STONE IN YOUR NOSE?", my mom demanded. "A small one," came my meek reply. Of course, I had to be rushed to the ER where I kicked and screamed at the doctors who managed to take it out sans surgery. Phew. My mom kept the stone as a reminder of that fateful day.

- I used to like eating Milo. When I was a kid, I mixed it with rice sometimes. Yum.

- The infamous typhoon Ruping happened when I was in second grade. An art work I made for class was displayed on one of our bulletin boards in school. As the Philippines' seventh most destructive typhoon to date raged, I worried about my masterpiece by thinking thoughts like: Did the floods make it to our school? Did the winds blow our bulletin boards away? My eight-year-old self's priorities are very uhm, typical of an eight-year-old.

- I loved my Chong Hua Hospital-based pediatrician when I was a kid. I liked all the toys in his clinic and he let me play with them when my mom took me there for regular check-ups. I remember him telling us that I was healthy - that my asthma was just something that had to be vigilantly monitored. Whenever I'd get a clean bill of health, my mom would then take me for ice cream at Merry Mart. Merry Mart! Let me know if any of you here remembers that!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Bump cars @ Merry Mart! Classic!

  2. I love Merry Mart too! One of the best memories from my childhood. I remembered throwing a tantrum when my grandparents refused to buy ice cream after doing the groceries.

  3. It smelled like smoke there too. Haha