Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Our little girl was christened three months after she was born. She was baptized at the Sacred Heart Church's Chapel of the Transfiguration.

The chapel was being renovated at that time.
Now, the baptistry is in an an entirely different space.

She didn't cry when the water was poured on her tiny head.

Kaelana had quite a number of godmothers 
and only one godfather, who wasn't even present, which is all right.

Her white christening eyelet and lace gown is from Rustan's.
I was wearing a halter neck Esprit striped dress because I was already mixed feeding her - part breast milk and part formula. I had gone back to work a week or two before.

The lunch reception was at Mooon Cafe. We had a buffet set up. Those are our good friends, Kaelana's godmother, Karen (and her husband, Mark) and Pam. Karen and Pam are my friends from high school in STC and were bridesmaids at my wedding.

My parents and sister are in the picture, together with our friends, 
Kaelana's godmother, Chiqui, and Coleen and Mahmet.

We love our friends! We're lucky they're always there for us.

Happy memories!

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